About Us

Once upon a time, there was a podcast. Three delightful humans gathered every week to chat about video games, movies, and pop culture. They offered insightful and irreverent commentary on current events and deep dives on topics they were passionate about. One of them sung slow jams every week, and, dammit, he had the voice of an angel. Unfortunately, the podcast ended way before we could find out if Anthony had to eat a hat made out of butts for betting on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 missing its release window.

But like that garbled, virtually unintelligible voice sample from Altered Beast once said, it’s time to rise from our grave. We’re back, baby. It’s time to Continue.

Continue Podcast is made up of three video game media industry veterans, with more years of experience between them than there are versions of Doom:

Our mission is simple: provide smart, incisive commentary on the games we’re playing and the TV shows and movies we’re watching, record it all on a bi-weekly podcast, and be very silly while doing it. Podcast segments each episode will typically include discussions on the games we’re playing and the news currently making waves in the industry, along with a deeper discussion on important topics related to the larger pop culture landscape. Sometimes a new Zelda game comes out, giving us an opportunity to discuss whether or not the series needs a proper timeline. Sometimes things will get way, way weirder.

We firmly believe that there is an audience hungry for an alternative to the infantilization or negativity of modern pop culture coverage, a podcast that offers intense and thought-provoking discussion on their favorite topics, without nearly as much airhorn (but still a greater-than-zero amount of airhorn). We believe that Continue can be that podcast, and so much more.

If you’d like to help us in our mission, head on over to our Patreon and become a backer.