Episode 13 – Oooooh, Wolfcats!

Magic conventions, cardboard gadgets, and mobile games: this episode’s got it all! We talk about Agents of Shield lack of lighting, the ingenious puzzles in The Room: Old Sins, why Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Anthony’s favorite Toonami show, and Iconoclasts’ mastery of craft. We also spend some time on a couple recent stories that have popped up in the news: Nintendo’s wild cardboard gamble with Labo, and that rumor that Microsoft might be buying EA.

If you’re not backing us yet, head on over to patreon.com/continuepodcast. A contribution of at least $5 a month will get you let you listen to the show a day early, give you access to the exclusive Continue Podcast Discord channel, along with exclusive podcast content. This week’s bonus segments include a story from Susan about stalking a magician, and a reader question about our favorite games that we found that later made us cringe.

Susan Arendt (@susanarendt)
Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello)
David Roberts (@davidrobots)

Produced by Bill Segroves (@billsegroves) for Pod Studio 1.

Intro music by Andy P. Scott: https://soundcloud.com/epic1beatz

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